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Twelve Days of Cocoa, Part 2

Hello, and welcome to the Twelve Days of Cocoa, 2012 edition. Many blogs, websites and groups hold the 12 Days of Cookies every December. Of course I needed to be different. (Do you know me at all?) After getting a small dose of Christmas Spirit last year I decided to start the Twelve Days of Cocoa. Much to your pleasure, I’m certain, I am back at it again! Starting today and ending on Christmas Day I will be bringing you a new hot cocoa recipe daily. I have already started slamming TimTams and will be introducing a new family to the joy of the slam tomorrow.

Let’s start with the cocoa basics. You must, must, must first learn how to make ganache. Ganache hot cocoa makes the best base for all of these cocoa recipes. If you’re not that committed to your hot cocoa, then you have my permission to make this homemade powdered version as your base for these recipes. You do not, however, have my permission to purchase the powdered single serving pouches of “hot cocoa”. If you must have a cute or rhyming name for your cocoa, then call this homemade version “Daisy Miss cocoa” or “Daisy’s Crazy (good) cocoa”, or something. Just please don’t buy and consume junk! Use real chocolate. It is so much tastier.

Several years ago I learned how to make egg nog lattes. Egg nog lattes are simple, at least the way I made them. Steamed egg nog mixed with espresso. Is that how Starbucks does it? I dunno. If their recipe is more complicated then they should really think about making their jobs easier. Egg nog. Eggs plus nog. Delicious. Add a sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg and you have a cup full of joy. Now add that cup full of joy to your mug of hot cocoa and you have a cup full of joyful holiday cheer (you can totally add rum if that happens to be your cheer of choice).

Hmm? You don’t like eggnog? Kindly leave. Just kidding! Don’t leave! Just make this mug of joyful holiday cheer for someone else. Or don’t. Come back tomorrow for another exciting hot cocoa recipe.


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