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Pigs on Sticks

Anything on a stick or skewer is instantly more fun so today I have two recipes for you that would to be… skewered…

NaBloPoMo has really given me a run for my money, and it’s only day 9! It is tough thinking of something to post every single day, but I have been enjoying myself. These recipes are both from the hors d’oeuvres party and were also big hits there. I always include prosciutto when making a cheese and charcuterie platter because it is my favorite and I think it compliments any type of cheese and wine. We weren’t doing a cheese platter here so I was thrilled when Lacy Jo wanted me to do something with prosciutto anyway. The cream cheese balances the saltiness from the prosciutto and the roasted red bell pepper and scallion help to take these Prosciutto Wraps to the next level.

┬áIn keeping with today’s post of skewers and pigs, the other recipe I have for you is Bacon Encrusted Grapes. Who doesn’t love bacon? It gets amped up in this appetizer with the addition of tangy goat cheese and sweet red grapes. The combination of flavors makes this an exciting appetizer sure to please any party-goer and the skewer, of course, make it even more fun. When I was making these guys I had to test a few just to be sure they were acceptable to be served, and by “a few” I mean that I may have doubled the recipe below and only served half of the finished product to my guests. Hey, the chef’s gotta eat, too!



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