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Truck Themed Birthday Party

My adorable godson, and the cutest sous chef in the world, turned 2 and I got to help throw his party! Elyse, my best friend and his mother, decided on a truck theme because Jackson loves trucks. Good thing, too, because he got quite a few new trucks for his birthday. We had so much fun staying up way too late putting this party together. We had chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which we decorated with fondant trucks, little cars made out of orange slices and grapes (not an original idea, I saw them online somewhere), dump truck brownies, and traffic sign cookies. Elyse made the truck pinata you see below! It wasn’t all sweets at this party. We also had a crudite platter and this fun pizza muffins.

I love this picture so much and had to share it even though it is terribly out of focus. After the party Jackson and I played with all the balloons. We laughed and had so much fun getting tangled up in them. This is the only photo that I managed to get of his smiley face. His hair was sticking out all over the place because of the static created by the ballons and he was running around the house being super cute.


9 thoughts on “Truck Themed Birthday Party”

  1. We are so going to have to hire you for a party up here sometime – when you’re ready : )
    I love the cupcakes and the brownies in the dump truck and the pic of Jackson in the balloons captures it all!

  2. Awww, I love this post. 🙂 Thank you again for helping out so much with Jackson’s party! The pizza muffins, brownies, and sugar cookies were so good!

  3. Adorbs. I love the picture of Jackson, and the girls both LOVED the little mini-pizzas!! Those were such a big hit with them. This party was as beautiful as these pictures make it seem. Good job ladies.

    • The truck party was so much fun! My godson also got tons of trucks as presents, and was thrilled. I did make the truck cupcake toppers. I made them out of rolled fondant that I colored!


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