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Pink Apple Tart

Quaint farmhouse shops, warm apple cider doughnuts, orchards of apples of all varieties waiting to be picked. This is Oak Glen, California. Apple season is here and I am so excited to get to experimenting with new recipes, and making the tried and true goodies of the season! I visited Oak Glen last weekend and after filling my belly with too many warm apple cider doughnuts, I mean straight from the fryer fresh and delicious, I sampled several apple varieties and hand-pressed apple cider. Some of the usuals were there like Fuji, Braeburn and Honeycrisp. I found a new favorite based on the name alone: Gravenstein. A perfect name for Halloweentime this apple is crisp, tart, juicy and would be perfect for baking into a spooky treat.

The apple that stole the show, and my heart, was the Pink Pearl Apple. Yellowish-green with specks of red on the outside and pink on the inside. Yes, an apple with pink flesh. The best part? The flesh stays pink even after baking. The flesh of these apples ranges from a light pink that fades to white, to an almost magenta dark pink. I was in awe of the color and surprised by the taste. They’re tart.

I thought they would be sweet since they’re so pretty in pink, but I was hoodwinked by their beauty. They’re also a bit sweet. Each bite has your palate wondering where the flavors will take you next. Pink Pearl Apples are like that cute girl you can’t get out of your head. Pretty and sweet on the outside, sweet on the inside with a surprising bite that catches you off guard and keeps you coming back for more.

These little beauties brought out the girly girl in me (and maybe a little squeal of delight) when I saw them, and then got the wheels spinning when I tasted them and wondered what would happen if they were cooked. I decided on a simple tart to showcase their magnificent color while showcasing their unique flavor. I have taken the October Unprocessed pledge so I also wanted to make this as unprocessed as possible. In addition to these pretty apples, I also picked up some spiced apple butter and apple blossom honey, both of which have been enjoyed with nothing but a spoon so far. Perhaps I’ll make something with them. Maybe not. I like my spoon-only presentation.


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  1. These are so pretty! And they taste delicious, I can vouch for that. I love the line about being Hoodwinked.

    Also, who took your pictures? Holy crap, you’ve always taken good shots but the last few posts have been amazing. You rock. Pls make more tarts. Kthx.



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