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End of Summer S’mores Soiree

“These are s’mores stuff. Okay, pay attention.
First you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham.
Then, you roast the mallow.
When the mallow’s flamin’ you stick it on the chocolate.
You cover it with the other end.
Then, you stuff.
Kind of messy, but good!”

Today is officially the last day of summer. So I will be spending my day drowning my sorrows in Summer’s favorite treat: the s’more. As Porter from the classic film The Sandlot so eloquently explains in the quote above, the s’more traditionally consists of a roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers (well, one graham cracker broken in half).

Elyse and David, two of my closest friends, share a birthday. They’re also the only two with children, so far. I decided for their joint birthday we would have a s’mores party. It was one of my better ideas, if I do say so myself. Except for the part where the chosen celebration day was one of the hottest of this summer! Gathering the ingredients was a true test of willpower. All that chocolate in my possession, but I had to save it so that I could share with my friends. Of course I had to sample it first. Hershey’s is the most popular brand of chocolate to use in s’mores because of it’s ability to melt easily. I like to fancy up my s’mores a bit so I included Lindt in the chocolate section of the s’mores bar.

To make your s’mores even more special, make your own marshmallows and graham crackers. Homemade marshmallows are a sticky mess of fun in the kitchen, and homemade graham crackers (or chocolate graham crackers!) are just about the best homemade replacement for a commonly store-bought item. They’ll make your kitchen smell like fall while baking and once you try them you’ll never want to buy the boxed variety again. The best part about making your own graham crackers is that you get to decide the size and shape. Mini s’mores, anyone?

Gather your family, friends and neighbors and have a s’mores party to celebrate the arrival of fall. Remember, s’mores are not just for summer. They can just as easily and deliciously be enjoyed near a cozy fire in the fireplace as a beach bonfire or campfire.

Long live the s’more! “Some more of what?”


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  1. We will definitely have to try it again when the weather is cooler. I saw something that looked like a cool idea for the fire, get those under the buffet food fire things and put them in a rectangular box filled with rocks to get a more contained fire.

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