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iPhonetography Friday: Culinary School, Fourth Course

One of the most fun things we did in culinary school was make chaud froid (show-frwah) platters. Chaud froid is a simple white sauce to which gelatin is added. The gelatin is added in varying amounts for varying purposes. Some are edible, and some, like the platters, are so thick and heavy on the gelatin that they are not edible. I guess technically they are edible, but they would not be pleasant. It comes out like the consistency of a very thick jello jiggler. After the white surface is dried, you decorate it by painting it with food-dyed water, cutting out shapes and filling with dyed gelatin, or creating an in-lay with edible items like herbs. After decorating, you pour a layer of clear aspic over the platter to seal it and create a flat, shiny surface. The platters are traditionally used to display cold foods. The three photos above are of my first chaud froid platter. 

The class we learned to make chaud froid platters in was called “Catering and Buffet” or “Garde Manger”. We hosted a weekly buffet in this class and the students took turns running it. The buffet I ran was the one just after learning chaud froid platters, and the theme we chose was “Around the World in 80 Days”. We made chaud froid platters to represent different countries, a world map, and a platter to represent the book Around the World in 80 Days. We also had a little train set going along the buffet table, a model airplane set up near the drinks, and mini hot-air balloons hanging from the ceiling.

My Around the World in 80 Days platter was supposed to be a top hat with the title inside it and a little hot air balloon floating in the distance. To cut the words into the white chaud froid I used an x-acto knife. It took me quite a while to cut out all the letters. I poured my clear aspic on top of it to set it, but I had it too hot still so it melted my chaud froid! I had to let everything dry completely overnight before even attempting to fix it, and ended up quickly re-cutting the lettering half an hour before the buffet opened. I didn’t have time to refill it, but I was happy with my finished product.

0 thoughts on “iPhonetography Friday: Culinary School, Fourth Course”

  1. I must say, I completely disagree. I hated making the chaud froid. It was one of my least favorite things about culinary school. You could tell by my “minimalist” smiley face chaud froid platter. I also disliked the “Around the World in 80 Days” theme, but I do think your platters were beautiful.

  2. Haha awww, Lacy Jo! I remember your smiley face. I had so much fun making the platters. What?! You didn’t like the theme? It was so cute and Balto and I totally pulled off the decorations! Pssshhh. :p

  3. How did you cut the letters (I mean, besides the x-acto knife). Did you print a font on the computer and place the letters and cut inside? I think it looks pretty good!!

    • Thank you! I printed the font I wanted and started using it as a stencil, but it was getting in the way more than helping so I did it free-hand instead.

  4. That cake would have been so fun for the 4th! I’ll have to remember it for next year. I’m in culinary school, at Kendall College. How do you like your school?

  5. Hi
    I really loved it. Can it be used to present all dishes. I want to present some “crean puff”.
    Can I present them over this?


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