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Fruit Wands

I recently had the opportunity to help cater two birthday parties for little girls, and I had so much fun! The first was Fairy-themed, and the other one was Hello Kitty-themed. For the fairy-theme party I was trying to think of little touches to give the whole party a fairy feel. I came across an idea for fruit skewers and thought topping them with a slice of starfruit would be so cute and the perfect finishing touch for a fairy wand.

Starfruit is difficult to find and is usually not available until June or July so I wasn’t surprised when I wasn’t able to find any for the first party. I decided to cut some cantaloupe into star shapes to use as the toppers. They worked quite well and came out super cute.  Everyone loved them and all the kids wanted more. One mom even told me that her child doesn’t like fruit and will never eat it, but he ate two fruit wands! These are great because you can customize them with any fruit you want and any cookie cutters you have on hand.

For the second party I found starfruit and was ecstatic! Just look at those beautiful fairy fruit wands! How pretty and fun are they? These are definitely becoming a staple at all Daisy-catered parties. I highly suggest hunting for starfruit to use as your topper because it is such a unique fruit. The real name is carambola, but I think you can see why they are nicknamed starfruit. The US does not allow imported starfruit, which I sort of consider a bonus since you know any starfruit you purchase was grown in the US, and most likely in Hawaii or Florida, so it’s local depending on where you live, and mostly local anywhere else you live in the States. 😉

Pear or apple slices make a great hilt if you’re going more for that look. Starfruit, of course, is the best topper. Apples, melons, and pineapples can all easily be cut into stars for the topper, or any other shape you want. Berries and grapes are great because all you need to do is wash them – no other prep necessary. To keep apples and pears from turing brown toss with a little lemon or lime juice before skewering, also choose a firmer pear to ensure it holds up well. I have found that slicing pineapples and melons into 1/4 – 1/2 inch slices makes cutting them with cookie cutters easier.

With summer approaching I’ve been thinking something with blueberries, strawberries, and maybe some white chocolate-covered fruits would be great for Independence Day. Consider this fair warning: you may see fruit wands here on Daisy At Home for every upcoming holiday and event. Now if only I could think of a truck-themed fruit wand for the next birthday party I am catering…

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    • I wrapped green florists foam with tissue paper and stuck the sticks into that! I have also served these at parties laying flat on a tray.


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