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The month of November has been dubbed “Doughvember” by the lovely ladies over at Pinch My Salt and Salty Seattle.  They have each created their own sourdough starters and, along with much of the blogosphere, have been creating scrumptious sourdough recipes and sharing them with us all.

I am finally joining the party!  Remember when I told you about IFBC?  Well, I got my hands on a bit of dried sourdough starter from Nicole of Pinch My Salt.  I finally got around to rehydrating it and, as of last night, it is ready to use.  I have only eight days of Doughvember left to play and create, but I have a sneaking suspicion I will continue well past that.

I followed Nicole’s directions to the letter and my cute little one-quart container is now full of sourdough starter that is filling a corner of my kitchen with the yummiest of warm, sour smells.  Come back next week when I share my basic sourdough boule and figure out how to replicate Thomas Keller’s sourdough waffles.

Dry sourdough starter with complete instructions from Pinch My Salt
Day One of rehydrating sourdough starter
Day Two of rehydrating sourdough starter
Day Three of rehydrating sourdough starter
My sourdough starter is finally ready to use!

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  1. Oh my! If you recreate those waffles you will be even more my best friend than you already are! Speaking of which, maybe we need to go back to Vegas so we can try them again, get a fresh reminder! 🙂


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