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Cherry Fizz Cocktail from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

Cherry Fizz Cocktail

Cherry Fizz Cocktail is an accompaniment to my Wreck it Ralph theme dinner. There are several references to cherries throughout the movie, and when I first told Abby and Katie that I was going to be making a Wreck it Ralph theme menu, Abby said, “You definitely need to include cherries.” So obviously I had […] Read more…

Wreck It Ralph menu from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

Wreck It Ralph – Food n Flix

This month’s Food n Flix selection is Wreck It Ralph and is hosted by Amy’s Cooking Adventures. We watched this movie as a family a few years ago, and I remember thinking it was cute, but it didn’t become a family favorite. When we all sat down to watch it and pay closer attention to […] Read more…