Contact me to set up a free in-home consultation. As your personal chef, I want to learn what you enjoy eating, what you’d prefer to avoid, and if you have any dietary restrictions. With this information I can create a seasonal menu that you’ll love coming home to every day.

How It Works
On your cooking day, I’ll get an early start to visit your local farmers market where I select the freshest produce and artisan ingredients to create your meals. I will arrive at your home with my mobile kitchen, which includes my own cookware and tools. All I need from you is adequate counter space, a working stove and oven, electric outlets, plus room to store your finished meals.

When you arrive home, your refrigerator and/or freezer will be stocked with freshly prepared meals. Everything will be labeled neatly and include detailed heating instructions. Your kitchen will be exactly as you left it.

5 entrees plus 5 side dishes to serve 2-4 people
$350 plus groceries
Pricing includes menu planning, travel, shopping, approximately six hours cooking time, packaging, and cleanup.